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Monday, September 18

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Welcome Reception and Student Posters
Celebrate the next generation of talent while reconnecting with friends and colleagues at the FRESH Summit Welcome Reception. In addition to enjoying Clemson hospitality, meet students and hear about their research on a range of sustainability topics.

6:00 pm – 7:45 pm

Dinner and Keynote Presentation
Dinner sponsored by SCDA, Aramark & Clemson Home
Speaker sponsored by Clemson Public Service & Agriculture

Keynote Presentation
United States Environmental Protection Agency: National Sustainability Strategies

8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Dessert & After Dinner Drinks Networking Reception
Enjoy networking with  fellow attendees, faculty and students while enjoying the outdoor Owens Pavillion lakeside location and entertainment by Clemson students.

Tuesday, September 19

8:00 am – 8:15 am


8:15 am – 9:45 am

Breakfast and Keynote Presentation
Breakfast sponsored by Genera

Keynote Presentation
The Path to 2030: Delivering a Sustainable Future

The world currently finds itself just past the halfway mark of an ambitious journey to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations in 2015. 

The 17 goals have provided a framework to bring together governments, organizations, and companies to deliver a better, more sustainable future. As the 2030 deadline approaches, activities must be scaled to ensure that the SDGs goals can be met.

Join Jim Doucette, Global Consumer Sustainability Leader, EY LLP US, to learn about the progress made during the first half of the SDGs program, lessons learned, and the pathway forward. Presentation will be followed by Q&A.

Jim Doucette, EY

Jim Doucette
Principal – EY-Parthenon Global Consumer and Retail Practice Leader

9:45 am – 10:00 am


10:00 am – 10:45 am

Fireside Chat
10-Year Compass: Trends and Implications for a Circular Packaging System
There is a growing movement to see packaging become circular through either recycling, composting or reuse. But while these discussions are happening in sustainability and policy circles are they trickling down to packaging designers and innovators? The Packaging Compass, a ten-year forecast by AMERIPEN and PMMI looks at plans for packaging design as shared by 394 CPGs and discusses the implications of this for policy and recovery system investment.

Please join Rebecca Marquez, Kyla Fisher and Scott Byrne in conversation as they share insights, track how this applies to the SDG’s, international concern regarding plastic packaging and domestic efforts to increase recycling and composting.

Scott Byrne, Sonoco

Scott Byrne (Moderator)
Director, Global Sustainability Services

Kyla Fisher, Ameripen

Kyla Fisher
Program Manager

(photo coming soon)

Rebecca Marquez
Director of Custom Research

10:45 am – 11:15 am

Coffee Break
Coffee Break sponsored by Siegwerk

11:15 am – 12:15 pm

Breakout Sessions – Sustainability Across the Value Chain

On-Farm Sustainability: The Intersection of Agriculture, Technology and Sustainability
Agriculture is responsible for approximately 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which presents a unique opportunity for more sustainable crop production that helps address climate change, food security and economic resiliency. This panel will explore various aspects of sustainable agriculture, including climate smart practices, technology and innovation, popular misconceptions and the opportunities for collaboration at the beginning of the supply chain that can support larger initiatives to achieve circularity.

Katie Rees, SCDA

Katie Rees (Moderator)
Market Development Manager
SC Department of Agriculture

Kendall Kirk, Clemson University

Kendall Kirk, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Agricultural Technology
Clemson University

Don Taylor, Amplified Ag

Don Taylor
Founder & CEO
Amplified Ag

(photo coming soon)

Kelly Tiller, Ph.D.
Chief Strategy Officer

Supply Chain and Logistics: Implementing Effective Sustainability Strategies and Testing to Standards
Requirements to ensure sustainable outcomes in supply chain and logistics are extremely complex – especially when products change hands multiple times and can be damaged in transit, which undercuts the potential to achieve sustainability goals. This session provides an excellent opportunity to ask experts your questions about the most effective ways to think about this aspect of sustainability strategies, along with approaches to measuring impact. After brief presentations, the discussion will be opened to the audience making this is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights.

Greg Batt, Clemson University

Greg Batt, Ph.D.
Director, Packaging Dynamics Lab
Clemson University

Evan Laskaris, RXO

Evan Laskaris
Vice President, Managed Transportation

Compostable Packaging: What Does Success Look Like
Compostability is rapidly becoming a widely touted strategy to achieve circularity in packaging. However, what it means to be compostable can be complex, and the path to significant scale-up will take a well-coordinated effort. Panelists representing compostable material R&D, packaging conversion, certification and organics recycling will provide insights to what is required to achieve large-scale adoption. The panel will also discuss near-term strategies that will help advance compostable packaging

Duncan Darby, Clemson University

Duncan Darby, Ph.D. (Moderator)
Professor, Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences
Clemson University

Brent Greiner, Charter Next Generation

Brent Greiner
Vice President of Technology
Charter Next Generation

(photo coming soon)

Aspen Hattenbaugh
Research & Development Engineer
Atlas Organics

Asem Mokkadem, Tellus Products

Asem Mokkadem
Tellus Products

Advanced Recycling: Industry Perspectives on the State of Technology and Adoption
More than $8B has been invested in plastics recycling technologies over the past 5 years, a majority of which has gone to support advanced recycling technologies. These technologies complement existing mechanical recycling methods, with the goal of allowing more types of plastics to be recaptured and remanufactured into new plastics and products. Join industry experts for an update on the state of the technology and adoption of advanced recycling as a complement to traditional forms of plastics recycling.

James Sternberg, Clemson University

James Sternberg, Ph.D. (Moderator)
Assistant Professor of Sustainable Packaging
Clemson University

Bill Barlow, Printpack

Bill Barlow
Sustainable Innovation Manager

Jonathan Quinn, Pregis

Jonathan Quinn
Director of Market Development and Sustainability

12:15 pm – 1:45 pm

Lunch and Keynote Presentation

Student Gift Box Presentation

Keynote Presentation
PepsiCo Foundation: The Creation of Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

As the philanthropic arm of PepsiCo – the PepsiCo Foundation invests in the essential elements of a sustainable food system to help communities thrive. Working with local non-profits and global experts, the potential of people and communities is supported by investing in sustainable solutions to increase equitable access to nutritious food, safe water and economic opportunity. The PepsiCo Foundation strives for tangible impact in the places where PepsiCo’s associates live and work and to be a pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) force for good.

C.D. Glin, PepsiCo Foundation

C. D. Glin
President, PepsiCo Foundation
Global Head of Philanthropy

1:45 pm – 2:00 pm


2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Breakout Sessions – Successes in Sustainability

From Innovation to Scale Up
Innovation is undoubtedly a key to advancing sustainability, but developing new concepts and successfully achieving scalable solutions can be challenging. Learn about the innovation process from four industry veterans whose organizations have built successful track records in taking new ideas from concept to implementation, while maintaining an on-going commitment to supporting a culture of innovation.

Maria Velissariou, Kirchner Group

Maria Velissariou, Ph.D.
Founder, Maria Velissariou Consulting LLC
Managing Director, Kirchner Group

Carlton Gibbs
Senior Manager, Packaging Development, Global R&D

Greg Johnson, Sustana Fiber

Greg Johnson
Director of New Business Development
Sustana Fiber

Wayne Koeckeritz, Eco-Products

Wayne Koeckeritz
Product and Zero Waste Specialist

Giselle Rodriguez, Walt Disney Company

Giselle Rodriguez
Environmental Integration Innovation Manager
Walt Disney Company

Fresh Produce Successes in Sustainability
The level of food waste that occurs in production and distribution presents extensive challenges, and has also sparked innovations that have led to successful innovations. Industry leaders representing three high impact approaches to successfully reducing food waste will present insights to working closely with other stakeholders in the food value chain to mitigate food waste while also identifying opportunities to convert waste into economic opportunity.

Josh Mellinger, Perennial

Josh Mellinger (Moderator)
Chief Revenue Officer & Global Head of Carbon

Matthew Aronson, Verdant Technologies

Matthew Aronson
Chief Revenue Officer
Verdant Technologies

Chalmers Carr, Titan Farms

Chalmers Carr
Titan Farms

Ashley Rawl, WP Rawl

Ashley Rawl
Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Product Development
WP Rawl

Paper as a Sustainable Packaging Solution
Paper packaging is often viewed by consumers as the panacea of sustainable solutions. However, achieving full recyclablility while balancing environmental goals and functionality has taken extensive research and the development of new materials and technologies. Join industry experts to hear about the journey to full sustainability and the importance of understanding consumer perceptions of paper packaging formats in driving wide scale adoption.

Pat Layton, Clemson University

Pat Layton, Ph.D. (Moderator)
Director, Wood Utilization + Design Institute
Clemson University

Shannon Anderson, Quad

Shannon Anderson
Senior Project Manager

J. Alan McDowall, Bostik

J. Alan McDowall
Business Development Manager

Tom Pollock, GreenBlue

Tom Pollock
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Leveraging Data to Inform Action in Reducing Food Waste
ReFED is well known for engaging food system stakeholders in the fight against food waste through the promotion of data-driven solutions and the opportunities they offer for environmental, economic, and social returns. As a resource partner for the Pacific Coast Food Waste Commitment (PCFWC), ReFED is working with businesses and jurisdictions in a pre-competitive format to reduce food waste along the West Coast – and serve as a model for similar collaborations across the nation.

Join Jackie Suggitt for a case study on the PCFWC, as she illustrates this new approach to data collection and demonstrates how that data is being used to drive action. PCFWC partner organizations will join the discussion, offering perspectives from different industry sectors. This session will include time for Q&A, along with exciting updates on a newly launched whole-chain food waste reduction pilot, a new program that dives into specific nodes in the supply chain to recommend high-impact and cost-effective solutions to waste. 

Marie Davis, Aramark

Marie Davis (Moderator)
Field Implementation Manager, Enterprise Sustainability

Alex Nichols-Vinueza, World Wildlife Fund

Alex Nichols-Vinueza
Program Manager, Food Loss & Waste
World Wildlife Fund

Jackie Suggitt, ReFED

Jackie Suggitt
Director of Capital, Innovation & Engagement

Gabrielle Tiven, LIDD

Gabrielle Tiven
Senior Partner

3:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Coffee Break
Coffee Break sponsored by Eco-Products

3:30 pm – 4:35 pm

Final Keynote Presentation
Today’s Commitments to a Sustainable Tomorrow

5:15 pm – 6:15 pm

Walking Tours of Clemson University
Pre-registration required
Transportation leaves from Madren Conference Center and walking tours conclude at the Sonoco Institute Open House and Networking Reception. Shuttles will run between Sonoco Institute and Conference Center.

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Open House and Networking Reception
Reception sponsored by Sonoco FRESH Industry Advisory Board
The Sonoco Institute Open House and Networking Reception features the best of industry partnerships together with the next generation of talent throughout The Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics. Labs will be open and hosted by students, and activities will be held throughout the building, including:

  • CU Shop, Clemson’s Eye Tracking R&D lab demonstrations
  • Social Media Listening Center “pop-up” demonstrations
  • Prototyping, Print and Esko Lab tours hosted by students