Josh Mellinger

Josh Mellinger, Perennial

Josh Mellinger

Chief Revenue Officer & Global Head of Carbon

Josh is a Food & Ag Executive, with over 15 years of experience in leading food supply chain and climate focused organizations.  His approach to environmental sustainability and system-wide collaboration has been spotlighted in numerous publications as a blueprint for how innovative supply chain solutions can provide more nutritional, affordable, high-quality food to customers that looks better, lasts longer, and feeds families (not garbage cans).

As Chief Revenue Officer and Global Head of Carbon at Perennial, he oversees commercial and market-oriented initiatives that help to accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture and unlock soil as the world’s largest carbon sink.  Previously, Josh was the Head of Sustainability for a $10 billion agricultural trading company and is the former leader of Deloitte Consulting’s Sustainable Food Market Offering.  

Throughout his career he has developed cutting-edge digital solutions that enhance the way consumers experience food by optimizing the production, procurement, logistics, and merchandising of sustainable brands. The results of his work have directly led to the creation of over 1.5 billion dollars of verified shareholder value and the reduction of over $500 million in food waste across global food value chains.