Don Taylor

Don Taylor, AmplifiedAg, Inc.

Don Taylor

Founder & CEO
Amplified Ag, Inc.

Don Taylor is the founder and CEO of AmplifiedAg, Inc. where he passionately leads a diverse and collaborative team of engineers, plant scientists, and farmers to develop and implement sustainable technology solutions for the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) category and agriculture sector at large.Don was inspired to solve for what he considers to be one of the most pressing issues facing modern times – creating a sustainable food supply for local and global communities.

To this end, Don and the team at AmplifiedAg are on a mission to provide global access to safe food and have engineered one of the most comprehensive, versatile platforms for indoor agriculture. The platform includes a cloud-based farm management software system, embedded hardware systems (LED lights, Fertigation, IoT Logic Control Sensors) that operate independently and inside AmplifiedAg’s fully enabled container farm systems. AmplifiedAg farms are designed in propagation, growing, and research lab formats to implement and enable

modular, flexible, scalable operations for any type of farming application.

The AmplifiedAg platform is a result of Don’s 30-year career in technology as a software solutions architect. Leveraging a distributed architecture, the platform addresses the complexities of CEA through a set of core design tenants including multi-tenancy, high availability, risk mitigation and scale.

Prior to founding AmplifiedAg in 2015, Don served as Chief Technology Officer for the first and industry-leading cloud-based SaaS health care and benefits platform, Benefitfocus, which transformed the U.S. benefits administration landscape. Throughout his career, Don has also been responsible for developing SaaS solutions for supply chain, banking, and third-party logistics management.

Today, AmplifiedAg farms and technology enable small- and large- scale agriculture operations including container farms, vertical farms, greenhouses, field farmers, research and development, and is proud to be the technology provider for the USDA-ARS CEA Center of Excellence where the agency is conducting groundbreaking CEA-focused studies.