Sustainability in SC Goody Box

Courtesy of Seaside Grown and Bubble PaperTM, the first 75 people to register for the virtual Perspectives on Sustainability event received this goody box with South Carolina produced Salsa and Blueberry Ghost Pepper Jam, protected by environmentally friendly Bubble Paper. These products are just a few examples of the sustainable efforts taking place in South Carolina. 

The shipping box was created by Clemson students, who designed the box to be recyclable and compostable, while still being sturdy enough to securely hold both jars of Seaside Grown products.

The award winning Seaside Grown brand emerged from its very own century-old tomato farm, deeply rooted in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Seaside Grown repurposes fruit that is too ripe for market and its products feature the traceability of the ingredients used, down to the acre of the field in which the fruit/vegetables were harvested.

Blueberry Ghost Pepper Jam

Sweet on the front end and spicy on the back, this jam features a unique and amazing blend of flavors to rock your taste buds. Pour over cream cheese or a roll of brie for an appetizer guests will love.

Classic Garden Style Salsa

Seaside Grown salsa is made from hand-picked Sea Island Pure™ tomatoes on the same day as they are harvested. It doesn’t get any more fresh than this classic recipe.

bubblepaper_bright bg (1)Based in Williamston, SC, BubblePaper™ is a forward-facing company that designs and manufactures sustainable protective packaging solutions for eCommerce, meal kit and healthcare companies. All products in the Bubble Paper™ product family are both curbside recyclable and biodegradable. BubblePaper™ is formed with natural Kraft paper that started its journey in sustainably managed forests. The company sources its materials and has designed the BubblePaper™ production process to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, using naturally derived plant-based materials and generating minimal process waste. 

Goody Box Student Creators

Timothy Oeser
Clemson University Packaging Science, Sophomore

Tim is a sophomore packaging science major from Greenville, SC. He found his home in packaging science, specifically corrugated materials, because of its unlimited use, creativeness, and sustainability. Fun Fact – He used to work for Clemson blue cheese!

Rebekah Pereira
Clemson University Packaging Science, Senior

Rebekah is a senior packaging science major with an emphasis in materials from Fort Lauderdale, FL. She plans to graduate in December 2022, so is still unsure of what she will do after. She has done two co-op rotations at Unilever in NJ and CT and hopes to work in consumer goods when she graduates.

Jennings Searcy
Clemson University Packaging Science, Sophomore

Jennings is a sophomore packaging science major from Columbia, SC. She is not sure what she plans to do following graduation, but found that she enjoys the materials side of packaging through her internship at Sonoco FRESH.