Richard Crawford

Richard Crawford

Eco-Luxury Travel Expert, TV Host, Storyteller,
Executive Producer & Global Brand Ambassador

In 2005, Richard Crawford, a native Scotsman, became the United States Ambassador for the exclusive whisky brand, Glenlivet. Since then, he has been honored to travel the world enjoying the perks and the incredible opportunities to develop partnerships and share their stories and his adventures with multinational luxury brands, including Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Kempinski Hotels, Lalique & Glenlivet. Also, in 2009, Ricky received “The Certificate for Outstanding Contribution” from the James Beard Foundation – Quite a bit different from growing up in Paisley, Scotland!

In 2020, his newest endeavor, a 10-part series, LEAVE NO TRACE, eco-luxury travel expert, storyteller, and global brand ambassador, Richard Crawford, travels the world discovering exquisite, opulent, and eco-friendly tourism destinations. Ricky’s enthusiasm and charm captivates viewers while giving access to lavish locations that have a strong focus wrapped around “eco-ethics” to ensure that tourism does not negatively impact the environment.  He connects with experts, and meets new friends on his travels, that provide insight to discuss their initiatives to reduce their impact on the planet. 

Ricky conceived of the idea of the show after decades of constant travel while increasingly worrying about his carbon footprint and the impact of tourism on indigenous locals and their heritage sites. He understood that luxury brands could enrich their guest’s experience by focusing on environmental stewardship and the care and protection of their site and settings.

LEAVE NO TRACE is Amazon Prime’s hot new travel show that highlights luxury travel around the globe with a focus on sustainability, social responsibility, and eco-tourism. His passion for eco-luxury travel, great food, charm and wit, will make viewers say, “I want to travel with Ricky!” 

LEAVE NO TRACE, has been confirmed for a 2nd season and was awarded a 2020 bronze Telly for “Craft in Television”. 

When asked about goals and expectations of the show, Ricky said, “Our goal for season 1 was to demonstrate that eco and luxury can go hand in hand.  Our show aims to focus on the eco-tourism and sustainability aspects of travel. We wanted to shed light on the symbiosis to show that many organizations are positively impacting local communities.  Our trifecta is eco-tourism, sustainability, and global social responsibility.  For season 2, we hope to educate the world about these incredible organizations, destinations and experiences. We are excited at the prospect of continuing to share our message and influence views on travel and sustainability.” 

Ricky is also a frequent commentator on TV/radio (including Fox News Network, CW11 New York, BBC America, Bloomberg), and has written for The, GQ, Esquire and WhiskyLife Magazine.