Opening Address: Lessons Across the Food Chain

The FRESH Summit’s opening address features Deloitte Consulting’s market leaders in Sustainability and the Fresh Food Supply Chain, Kyle Tanger and Josh Mellinger. Tanger and Mellinger will discuss the current state of the food value chain and lessons learned that will help inform decisions and operations in 2021.

Kyle Tanger
US Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change Leader
Deloitte Consulting LLC

Kyle is a managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP where he leads the US Environmental Sustainability Consulting practice. With more than 20 years of experience, he has led supply chain and sustainability engagements for some of the world’s largest companies, resulting in more than $5Billion in identified value for clients. Previously, he served as CEO & President of ClearCarbon which was acquired by Deloitte in 2010. Kyle also participates on multiple Fortune 500 sustainability advisory boards.

Specific to food, Kyle has led multiple large fresh food initiatives to increase profitability and revenues, leveraging robust analytics and digital supply network solutions.  He led the first the creation of ReFED, the first comprehensive roadmap for food waste reduction in the US.

Josh Mellinger
Fresh Food Supply Chain Leader
Deloitte Consulting LLC

Josh is a Fresh Food Supply Chain leader, with extensive experience in sustainable supply chain, fresh food operations, and food waste reduction services. He is currently developing highly dynamic and agile supply chains, which use cutting-edge digital and analytics solutions to enhance how food is purchased, harvested, transported, and served to customers.

During his tenure at Deloitte Consulting LLP, he has helped his food & beverage clients reduce $250M+ of food waste and generate $1B+ of verified value. His work has been spotlighted in numerous publications as a blueprint for how innovative supply chain solutions can provide more nutritional, affordable, high-quality food to customers that looks better, lasts longer, and feeds families (not garbage cans).

His specialties include advanced analytics, supply chain transparency, holistic freshness management, intelligent quality control, lean operations, resource optimization, resilient sourcing, and large-scale digital supply network transformations.