Campus Tours

FRESH Summit attendees are invited to sign up to tour the following Clemson University facilities:

Clemson’s Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences Department

Center for Flexible Packaging

Clemson’s Center for Flexible Packaging (CEFPAK) focuses on the research and development of new and existing flexible packaging for students within the packaging science major. The lab generates, researches and tests different materials and structures of flexible packaging to create the most modern and sustainable products.

Package Dynamics Lab

Clemson’s Package Dynamics Lab is an ISTA Certified testing facility and delivers high-quality testing services to a variety of customers. Its three-fold mission is to provide equipment and facilities for undergraduate research, support graduate research and to provide testing services for industry partners.

Gregory S. Batt, Ph.D., Clemson University

Gregory S. Batt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Science DepartmentClemson University

Duncan Darby, Ph.D., Clemson University

Duncan Darby, Ph.D.
Professor, Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences Department
Clemson University

JRho 150x150

Jeff Rhodehamel, Ph.D.
Professor, Food, Nutrition, & Packaging Science Department
Clemson University

Paula Beecher, Clemson University

Paula Beecher
Director of Alumni and Career Services, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
Clemson University

Clemson’s Recycling Facilities

Kite Hill Recycling Center

Kite Hill Recycling Center, Clemson University

The Kite Hill Recycling Center facilitates on-campus and off-campus recycling, helping to make Clemson a more sustainable home for its residents. The Kite Hill center works directly with student organizations to sort materials into their proper recycling bins and divert waste from landfills.

Cherry Crossing Research Center

Cherry Crossing Research Center, Clemson University

Clemson’s Cherry Crossing Research Center is an established composting facility that is defining best practices for university composting. The program now collects back-of-house organics from all the campus dining halls, paper towels in select academic and housing buildings, and food waste from football and other events.

Dave VanDeventer
Solid Waste and Recycling Manager
Clemson University