The FRESH 2022 Food, Packaging & Sustainability Summit will focus on technology as an enabler of circular solutions across the food value chain beginning with food production and packaging, and includes strategies to achieve sustainability targets in both corporate and consumer environments.

While Sonoco FRESH is planning for the 2022 Summit to be an in-person event, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. If the  Summit changes to a virtual event, we will announce revised plans on this website, our social media pages and via email. Click here to sign up for our mailing list. 

FRESH is pleased to provide a program that reflects its unique approach to ensuring the safety, security and sustainability of food and packaging throughout the value chain. Rich with content from respected thought leaders in industry and academia, the Summit provides the framework for exploring collaborations, solutions and innovative thinking through presentations and events.

“The Sonoco Fresh Summit provided an amazing opportunity to discuss collaboration and innovation with other members of the industry and academia. Next generation solutions will not happen within a bubble, and the Summit allowed attendees to learn the needs of other members of the food value chain. I found last years event to be full of opportunities for networking with decisions makers that can really help drive innovation and sustainable solutions.”

John avolio, Value Chain manager, NOVA Chemicals

The mission of the Sonoco FRESH initiative is to develop innovative solutions by engaging the collective intellectual capital and purposeful collaboration of experts from academia, industry and thought leaders throughout the entire food value chain.